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N.J. Alexander

Author of Fogbound

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Brave the Fog. Embrace Another Self.

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When war descends upon the nation of Entervia, history teacher Zercien Volnaire is thrust into a battle for both his homeland and his own mind. 


Ankarth, the neighboring country to the north, has invaded Entervia to remove King Durnan from the throne. As the Entervian army scours the capital for soldiers, Zercien discovers a long-dead legendary hero can control his mind at will. While he fights to keep his curse a secret and maintain his autonomy, the meddlesome hero has other plans.

Under possession, Zercien is consumed within an omnipresent fog and takes on the hero's persona at the cost of his own. But his power often summons a nightmarish faceless figure only he can see that stalks his waking world.

Zercien's newfound abilities earn him renown in Entervia's army, but when he faces an ancient magic long thought destroyed, he and a small band are tasked with one last desperate mission for reinforcements. However, Zercien fears the key to Entervia's victory lies in embracing his loathsome alter ego, and before this war's end, he may have none of his identity left to sacrifice.

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Fogbound is full of mystery, romance, laughter and unexpected heroes. I became attached to each and every character and was rooting for them, crying for them and sharing each of their unique experiences. 

Veronica S. - Goodreads

Praise for Fogbound 

This book has one of my favorite villains of all time.

Jamie Jackson - Goodreads

This twisting tale had me second guessing myself after every chapter, the breadcrumbs along the way becoming delightful morsels I stayed up late to consume. 

Veronica S. - Goodreads


About N.J. Alexander

N.J. Alexander is a writer with a business degree. When not writing, he enjoys reading, playing video games, recording podcasts, watching sports, and adventuring for new food. He's from Massachusetts, USA. Fogbound is his debut novel.

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