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The world of Oniro

Once plagued by a frightening evil, Oniro has since enjoyed an, albeit rocky, peace. But she holds her secrets dear, and it will take much for her to reveal what lurks beneath her soil.



Entervia—the scholars—and Ariglioth—the warriors—maintain the most power throughout the continent of Dregnal, though the two have little interaction, separated by more than just mountains.


Duspen—the barbarians—thrives on banditry to sustain what little life they have, and Ankarth—the unknown—makes up the snowy north. ​​

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"A barren land to the West, where all peoples of this accursed continent struggle under the harsh rule of Emperor Kandhiran.

​A wasteland to the East, separated by the Dividing River, where legends go to die."

​- Excerpt from the Legends of Oniro: Complete Edition 

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